Roofing #: CCC1327794

General Contracting #: CBC1262649

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Roofing #: CCC1327794

General Contracting #: CBC1262649

About Us

About the founder.

Jim and Tonya Plank

Jim and Tonya Plant

Who We Are?

James Plant recognizes the need for reducing the expense of conventional general contractor services. With his extensive network of resources he is able to provide complete construction and building management at a reduced cost per square foot.  When compared to the typical cost of other general contractors it is clear to see why business owners and homeowners alike seek the assistance of Assist2Build Inc.

James is a military veteran of the US Army and US Air Force (SEABEE).  He also earned  a Degree in Structural Engineering. James started in the construction industry at the age of 17 and soon became a journeyman of metal framing and drywall. From there he joined the US Army and the US Army boxing team. He was honorably discharged and continued  his education earning his degree and went on to serve 6 years in the Us Air Force. James knowledge, commitment and his passion for building led him right back to the job that he loves and has helped him to become a  respected leader in the construction industry.

With his dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to cost savings and over 25-years in the building industry James has built numerous commercial projects (high rise hotels, car dealerships, banks, strip centers, spas, multi-use and retail spaces) even multi-million dollar custom home renovations both inland and coastal.  With a great reputation in the industry along with his  record of  hundreds of successfully completed projects, James started his own construction company,  Assist2Build Inc.

(licensed and insured General Contracting and Roofing company)

Now we are happy to say that we earn a lot of repeat business and acquire new customers from word of mouth due to  the great experiences shared after hiring Assist2Build.

In addition, James is a loving husband, father and grandfather as well as a great friend and well respected employer.